all rolled into one great time!  Toronto is a great city and for a small town girl it's a good thing the locals were friendly. I just couldn't seem to get my north south east west straight in my head.  

Thank you to all the young people who stood in line for over an hour at the Festival of Trees event for an autograph and then shared their thoughts on A Tinfoil Sky. Your sharing alone made the trip worthwhile.

Congratulations to Marsha Skrypuch and her win for the 2013 Silver Birch. A Tinfoil Sky was awarded an Honour Book Selection for the Silver Birch this year. 

After Toronto I headed west, landing in Grande Prairie Alberta and then continuing on by car up as far as Red Earth Creek. Whew! That is a long way to travel! There were numerous highlights: visits in High Prairie, Kinuso ( if you are ever anywhere in the vicinity STOP in at the MUSEUM!!!) Slave Lake, Red Earth, Wabasca, Calling Lake, and Smith. I can't thank Katherine, the woman who drove fromplace to place, for being such an understanding person. 

All together I believe that I visited with over 1000 kids in schools and libraries, not counting the 4000-5000 at the festival in Toronto. Thanks to everyone to helped to organize this tour and thank you to all the kids who shared, drew, questioned and thought about the topics we discussed. It was an absolute pleasure to visit you!