Saskatchewan holds many great memories for me. Number one,  I was born in Saskatchewan and made many trips back to visit my  Grandparents. Years  later while traveling  by Greyhound bus with my young son who had been born and raised in the mountains, I was reminded how spectacular the prairies really are. It was very early in the morning and the sun was just beginning to crest the horizon when he stood on the bus seat and peered over the seat in front. Astonished by what he saw he announced with tremendous excitement to me and  to all the sleeping passengers, "Look Mom. It's the prairies!" He reminded me of how amazing it is when you see something or some place for the first time. How it is easy to take for granted how beautiful a place is when you see it again and again. The other passengers, now  fully awake, looked in our direction and smiled. No doubt they'd been a bit startled, but as they turned from us to the window I knew they were grateful to be catching that fantastically enormous Saskatchewan sunrise!