Silver Birch


Congratulations to Susin Nielsen whose  novel, The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larsen has won the CLA Children's Book of the Year. Two books were chosen as Honour Books: The Graverobbers Apprentice by Allan Stratton, and  A Tinfoil… Continue reading

It was cool, probably cold for Hanna who did all the running and Andrew who held the camera, but it was also perfect. I've never made a book trailer before. I think this would be an amazing project for a… Continue reading

To everyone who has encouraged me in this writing endeavor, thank you. This encouragement has taken many forms and been delivered by many different people. You are students in schools I have visited,  students who attended Wordfest, and you are… Continue reading

Hello to all of the Silver Birch readers in Ontario! I wonder how many of you know that you have one of the most amazing Reader's Choice programs in Canada, and perhaps the world. It's really quite mind boggling that… Continue reading