Tinfoil Sky

It was a brief interaction with a young girl one summer that seeded the beginnings of "Mel Tulley's" character. In the weeks that followed  I wrote this poem. During the writing of A Tinfoil Sky I would occasionally revisit this poem, and by doing this I would find that I was able to rekindle the emotion that I felt that day. Both the name of the girl and the street are fictional. Composing a poem response to a novel is one of the suggestions in my novel study for A Tinfoil Sky. I'd love to read the poems you come up with!

Inspiration poem for the character of Mel Tulley


With the release of my second novel,  A Tinfoil Sky, I was thinking that now would be a good time to answer a few of the questions that I've been asked recently.

Why did you write this book?

There was one distinct experience that inspired the main character, Mel, and the writing of this story. A number of years ago, while traveling through Oregon, I saw a man and young girl panhandling on the side of a boulevard. When the young girl ran up to our car window she and I made eye contact. Everything in the way she looked at me said, I am more than this, more than what you see. That experience left me wanting to write that idea into possibility. Prior to that there was an experience with a very young boy who was living with his family of five in their Pinto station wagon. They’d been through some awful experiences. He left me wanting to write the idea of hope into his live.Over the years I've met and known numerous young people who have struggled with the consequences of their parent, or parents addiction, mental illness,or the challenges that poverty presents. This story is for all of those kids. 

What is the book is about?

On the most basic level the book is about choice. Not only the choices of the main characters, but also the choices other people make and how those choices influence lives. 

What you think young readers will take away from your book?

I hope they look at the kids they see who are living on the edge of society, differently. But also I hope that the book speaks to the idea that there comes a time for each of us when we need to make a decision that will  influence the remainder of our lives. Sometimes that decision can be going in the opposite direction of what our friends, parent, or parents may have chosen.

Who you think A Tinfoil Sky will most appeal to?

Most probably middle school students, but I hope young adults and adults as well.



So I have finally managed to gather up the small bits and pieces of information needed to get this website up and running. Thank you Paul and Michelle for your work on this!

This Thursday, January 26th, I’ll be launching my second novel, A Tinfoil Sky published by Tundra Books. If you happen to be in Nelson BC this week, stop by the Nelson Library. The “launching” begins at 7:30pm.

Cyndi is launching her second novel, Tin Foil Sky, Thursday, January 26, 7:30 pm at the Nelson Library in Nelson, BC.

Details of the book launch can be read on the Nelson Daily's website.